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Castelvecchi in Chianti

A brief history

Colle Petroso, Poggione, Madonnino: even the names on the highest hills of Radda in Chianti, that embrace the fortified hamlet of Castelvecchi, date back to the distant Middle Ages. Even the tolling of the Santa Maria Novella parish church bell, surrounded by the serene silence of the olive groves, seem to come from the same period. In this authentic land of Tuscany, that vanishes into distant green woods, CASA PALADIN has made a solemn pledge to strictly adhere to a vine-growing method that fully respects the environment: eleven cru vineyards in just twenty-four hectares map out a rare assortment of wine-making features. Here, every single plant awaits the right moment for its harvest. Here, the wisdom of vine-growers has succeeded in a heroic task,
retrieving the priceless genetic heritage of an old vineyard called “Le Madri” (The Mothers) to give the unreproduceable originality back to the landscape and to its wine, starting from the roots. An exclusive asset, wisely enhanced by the age-old vaulted Castelvecchi winery, the oldest still operating in Tuscany, where precious Chianti wine matures while jealously guarding the secret of time.
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