Chianti Classico

The Annata style is the freshest expression of Chianti Classico’s wines, offering a fruit-driven, easy-going taste due to its shorter aging, perfect for those exploring the vibrant side of the region.

Chianti Classico Tasting Notes

This is a delicious and fruity style of Chianti Classico made with at least 80% Sangiovese. Expect fresh red cherry, sour cherry, thyme, oregano, and cured meats. Because of the high percentage of Sangiovese, expect high levels of acidity and tannin with a meaty, sanguine finish.

Chianti Classico Food Pairing

This fresh and fruitier style pairs well with white meats, such as grilled pork chop or turkey, and even pairs well with oilier fish, such as tuna steak.

Sangiovese grapes on the vine before harvest. Photo by: Winery Rocca di Montegrossi in Gaiole.

How to find Chianti Classico in the Annata style

You won’t see “Annata” on the label, but the absence of “Riserva” or “Gran Selezione” will tell you that the wine is made in the Annata style.

Why is this style of Chianti Classico the freshest and fruitiest? It spends the least amount of time aging (12 months) and often isn’t aged in any oak.

Should you age Annata style Chianti Classico wines? They’re normally best drunk relatively young, but a couple of years in a bottle might help smooth out some of the tannins.

Winemaking Information:
  • Minimum Aging: 12 months (does not have to be in oak)
  • Minimum Alcohol: 12%
  • Minimum Extract*: 24 g/L

*Extract is all the stuff in the wine that isn’t water or alcohol, like tannins and flavor compounds. For reference, a light bodied red wine would have about 18g/L of extract.